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Together We're Better

Activity Groups

Activity groups allow Spouse Club members to get to know each other in a fun, casual environment. Have an idea for a new activity group? Contact Urvi at 1vicepres@hanscomsc.org to get started!

Associates - Connect with other Associate members and enjoy monthly outings at local restaurants and other activities. Contact Judi at associates@hanscomsc.org

Book Club - Book Club is a great way to meet other readers. Join us for food, fun, and discussion of the current book selection. For more information contact Sam at bookclub@hanscomsc.org

Coffee Break - Explore local coffee shops and enjoy relaxed conversations with other coffee lovers. Contact Sandy at coffee@hanscomsc.org

Spouses Night Out - Join a fantastic group of ladies for a fun evening out. We meet at least once a month and do a variety of activities like going to dinner at different restaurants, seeing shows, and adventurous things like going to escape rooms! Contact Elizabeth at SNO@hanscomsc.org for more information or join our Facebook group.

To learn more about a group or to be added to the Evite distribution list, please contact the group's leader.