75 Grenier Street, Box 8888
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731

Together We're Better

What is the purpose of the Hanscom Spouses Club?

The Hanscom Spouses Club’s purpose is to foster a spirit of good fellowship among its members and to preserve the ideals and “esprit de corps” of our community through social, cultural, charitable, educational and welfare activities.

Am I eligible?

The Hanscom Spouses’ Club is open to both wives and husbands of active-duty military personnel, as well as retiree and many civilian spouses. More specifically, our members fall into three groups: Active Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members.

Active Members are spouses of all active military personnel and are eligible for all the privileges and benefits of full membership, including the right to vote and hold elected office.

Associate Members have the right to vote, chair committees and hold elective office, except those of President or First Vice President. The following are eligible to become Associate members:
​ - Spouses of all retired military personnel. Unremarried widow(er)s of deceased U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
- Active duty or retired military personnel. Adult relatives, other than the spouse, who are dependents of an active
duty U.S. Armed Forces personnel.
- Civilian employees and/or their spouse.
​ - Unremarried widow(er) of deceased civilian employees.
- Unremarried divorced spouses of military personnel (active or retired) who retain a Military ID card.

Honorary Membership may be issued for one year at the invitation of the President. With the approval of the Hanscom Spouse Club Board, the President may invite such persons as deemed appropriate. Honorary members shall not pay dues, vote, chair a committee or hold any Hanscom Spouses Club positions.

How do I join?

You can pick up a membership application at any Hanscom Spouses Club function, or print and complete one from this website. Bring the application and appropriate amount for dues to the next function, or mail these items to:

Hanscom Spouses Club
General Delivery
75 Grenier St, Unit 8888
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731

Or complete the electronic membership application form linked above.

What is the cost?

​Annual membership dues are:

Spouses of E1-E4/GS1-GS4 - FREE
Spouses of E5-E6/GS7-GS9/Seniors (62+) and widow(er)s - $24.00
Spouses of E7-E9/O1-O2/GS10-GS11 - $36.00 per year
Spouses of O3-O9/GS12-GS15 - $48.00 per year

Annual payment in full (cash or check made payable to HSC).

​If you are joining after December, please contact webmaster@hanscomsc.org prior to submitting the form. Dues are prorated Quarterly by 25%.

Can I “try it out” before I join and pay dues?

​Membership is required for participation in Hanscom Spouse Club activities. However, eligible prospective members may attend one event per year as a guest. If you would like to be a guest at our next function but don’t know a Hanscom Spouses Club member, contact our Membership Chair at membership@hanscomsc.org to make arrangements.